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We were selected for participation in a juried art show at the Coastal Arts League in Half Moon Bay, California.  The name of the photo selected for this multi-track art show is "Air Waves at Dusk at Half Moon Bay". Details of this show are located on www.coastalartsleague.com .  This show closed on January 3, 2005.  Please see the League's website for details. We displayed additional art photographs in the League's members' show in January.

We also again collaborated with Randie Marlow in an exhibit at Coffee Club Too  at 749 Laurel Street in San Carlos, California. 

We have finished our collaborative exhibition of photographs at the UPTOWN CAFE in San Carlos, California. This exhibition closed November 7, 2004.  We featured coastal scenes, sunsets (including the "Green Flash") and miscellaneous other topics.  For details please see the Press Release below.

Artwork above by Randie Marlow.

 The Uptown Cafe is located at 769 Laurel Street.  The phone number is 650.592.5886. The Cafe features the works of local artists and is a great place to have breakfast or lunch or a cup of coffee and pastry.  Laurel Street is the "main street" of San Carlos and runs parallel to El Camino Real.   

   We have concluded our exhibition of sunsets at the Coastal Arts League Gallery in Half Moon Bay, California.  The address is 300 Main Street.  The gallery phone number is 650.726.6335. Our photos were part of a gallery photographers' exhibition that closed on July 5, 2004. The gallery website is www.coastalartsleague.com . It is open Thursday through Monday from noon to 6:00 pm, and we encourage you to visit this interesting gallery.                 

       ----PRESS RELEASE---- 

ART EVENT:  Photography Exhibit: "Uncommon Images"
By:                    Coastal Arts League members
                          Larry Shoenberger and Randie Marlow
Location:          Uptown Cafe, 769 Laurel St., San Carlos
Show Dates:     October 12 through November 7, 2004 
Show Hours:   6am-5pm Mon-Fri, 7am-5pm Sat  & 7:30am-3pm  Sun
Reception:       Sunday, 10/24/04, 3-6pm

Sunset "Green Flashes", Blue Angels, Pelicans and Landscapes: these themes and more will be featured in a collaborative photography exhibit by Coastal Arts League members Larry Shoenberger and Randie Marlow. This exhibition, named "Uncommon Images" will be shown at the Uptown Cafe, 769 Laurel Street in downtown San Carlos. It will run from Tuesday, October 12 through Sunday, November 7. Cafe hours are 6:00 am Mondays through Fridays, 7 am to 5 pm Saturdays and 7:30 am to 3:00 pm Sundays.  A reception is planned for Sunday, October 24 from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the Cafe. About 4:30 pm at the reception, Larry will discuss "Green Flashes", "Sun Dogs", "Light Pillars", etc., and how his photos of these events were taken at Half Moon Bay and at other regional locations.
BIOGRAPHY for Larry Shoenberger

Larry has been involved in photography since he was a teenager with his own darkroom for processing his photos.  Photography and participation in the graphics arts and display electronics communities have remained intertwined with his professional life as an engineer and business development manager.  Early in his career, Larry was a member of the design team for a photo-processing system for early Mars explorations for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Pasadena.  He was an early developer of graphics design software tools for PC's and he has owned businesses supplying high-end graphics design systems, desktop photography systems and software for graphics artists and designers. Larry has also been a guest lecturer on graphics systems and has taught computer-aided design for professionals.  He holds engineering degrees from the University of Colorado and Stanford.  His interest in coastal photography was revitalized by a challenge to photograph the elusive "Green Flash" which sometimes occurs during the last moments of sunset. He is currently exhibiting this work along with other works in his portfolio.  Larry is in the process of establishing a website for his photographic pursuits at www.skybluelens.com .
BIOGRAPHY for Randie Marlow
Born in San Luis Obispo and raised in San Diego. Marlow fell in love with the Bay Area on her first visit in 1969.  She knew then that this would become her home and has been a resident of the coastside for the past 18 years. "My love of the coast is evident by the images I display in my shows and on my website." Starting out on the other side of the camera as a model, she grew interested in what it took to take a good picture. Marlow learned how to guide her photographers to achieve the light and shadow that would become her images on film. 2003 brought her the title of “Artist of the Year” at the San Mateo County Fair for her fine-art photography and design work. She has been on the board of the Coastal Arts League for over 5 years. She also shares a graphic design/photography company with her sister, Terrie Acampora, called Images & Digital Design. This is a great team for all digital needs. Logos to web-sites can be wonderfully created by this highly creative team. Marlow's photography and graphics arts projects are shown at www.randiemarlow.com .




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